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What if you could "fill-in-the-blanks" to create profitable emails every time?

Well now you can!

And it's even better than that!

You'll get 4 "fill-in-the-blank" Email Genius Templates.

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Each of the 4 "fill-in-the-blank" Email Genius Templates contains:

30-45 Minute Video Workshop - step by step customized creation

The Genius Template and Checklist - eliminates all guess work

Copy & Paste - simply copy and paste the Genius Template outline where you want to publish it

Genius Templates in the WILD - examples from Jeff, students, and colleauges

The Audio Experience - for those of you who like to listen on the go

The Training Transcript - for those of you who like to read and mark things up like me ;-)

Here's the 4 Email Genius Templates You're Getting:

Email From/Subject Line Genius Template

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From Line / Subject Line

Want to get your emails opened more often?

The Email Subject Line is designed to stop the scroll and get your email opened.

Guess what? So is your Email From Line! You know, the place where just your name usually goes.

But there is so much more you can do with your Email From Line. Combine an engaging Email Subect Line with a magnetic Email Subject Line and you're guaranteed to get your emails opened!

Email Body Genius Template


The first words you say in your email, your email opening, determines whether your entire email is read.

The rest of your Email Body determines whether you get clicks on your links. As does...

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Email Call to Action Genius Template

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Call to Action

Discover how to tell a profitable "FIB" in your Email CTA to increase click through rate by 57% or more!

Email PS Genius Template


The Email PS is one of the most misused, even unused, pieces of digital real estate.

Discover how to sum up your offer, have fun with your Email PS, and further increase your click through rate.

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10 Most Profitable Email Subject Lines ($97 Value)

I often spend more time on my email subject line than I do on the email. Here are 10 of the best taken from 17 years of email marketing!
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3 Email Content Genius Templates ($291 VALUE)

Create great emails with these 3 Email Content Genius Templates - great for articles, blog posts, and videos too! Gives you the subject line, email body, and call to action!
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